Where the Money Is

For every victory, there is also a defeat. Throughout your years of saving the world, thwarting villains, and overcoming the most dangerous of challenges, this lesson has rung true... but it has never been quite as poignant as it is now.

You and your allies have thwarted the Succubus Queen Dionaitha, saving the realm from her scheme to corrupt the masses and turn them into her lust-filled servants. However, upon the realization that this was due largely to her forced exile from the Seven Hells, and that her banishment would simply result in letting her go free to wreak havoc once again, your party came to the simple conclusion that she should be taken prisoner.

After taking appropriate precautions, you have made her quite the home in your trophy hall. For her part, she seems quite pleased with her new lodgings, as your treasure hall is by no means the worst place to spend an exile, and her otherworldly beauty compliments the rest of your treasure well... and that's before considering the more practical benefits of keeping a succubus captive. After all, she needs to be fed somehow.

Indeed... though the axiom speaks true, you can't help but feel both victor and vanquished are profiting from this arrangement.

Story by Spirit-of-Vice
Artwork by Emmanuel Xerx Javier

High resolution (4125x6188)

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