Yaotsoba Takes on a New Role

Yaotsoba awakes first from her room, even happier than usual. She goes and awakes the rest of her sisters, Ichika gets up reluctantly. Yaotsoba starts to speak of a surprise that she has prepared for the rest of her sisters. The sisters shoot her a puzzled look, but all go along with it.

They all get ready and follow Yaotsoba as they go across the town to a somewhat raggedy building. Ittsiki and Ichika look at the building with a puzzled look, as Nino begins to complain about the situation. Miku stands there indifferent as usual, but Yaotsoba gestures to her sisters to follow her into the building promising them it will be alright. The sisters still nervous enter the building cautiously and walk into a dark hallway.

Minutes passes by when Miku notices Yaotsoba has disappeared. She wonders what happened, but it is so dark they can hardly see what’s in front of them. When suddenly she hears a loud thud and Nino’s scream. She turns around puzzled only to hear another thud and Ittsiki’s scream following. She feels an arm grab her from behind as she is then promptly knocked out.

Miku awakes very groggy and disoriented. She tries to move but can only pull off a few measly struggles as she is strapped down to a bench with her back arched up. She tries to scream but can’t realizing she has a harness ring gag in her mouth. She feels a cold hand on her backside give it a smack. Miku lets off a soft cry. She tries to look back but cannot turn her head. Someone emerges in front of her, and to Miku’s disbelief, it was Yaotsoba.

“Hey Miku! What’s wrong? Why do you look so sad?” Exclaims Yaotsoba.

Miku looks onward incredibly puzzled, to her disgust she sees the rest of her sisters: Nino, Ittsiki, and Ichika, all suffering their own fate in a contraption made to stimulate and penetrate their bodies.

“You’re probably wondering how I got you all here. I had a little help. Ichika helped knock you guys out. She was into this idea and was supposed to join me right now, but then I thought why should I deprive Ichika of the fun. She’d be the most into it for sure, so she deserves to have some pleasure,” says Yaotsoba across the room to Ichika in the machine being fucked.

Ichika can only blush and let off moans and cries as she gets teased. “I gathered you girls here to have some quintuplet fun! Awww don’t look so sad Miku, just look at Nino. She’s having the time of her life!” Miku looks over to see Nino chained to a pole with a dildo attached to it for ‘blowjob practice.’ Choking on a dildo lodged in her throat unable to remove her lips from it or unable to close her mouth due to her harness ring gag. The restraints only pull Nino’s mouth closer to the phallic object. Miku panics and struggles stronger than before but it does nothing.

Yaotsoba walks over to a table and grabs something and fastens it around her waist. “Besides, I’m just getting started with you Miku,” Yaotsoba turns around wearing a strap-on dildo. Yaotsoba approaches Miku’s backside and prepares herself. “Time for the real fun!” As she shoves the strap-on into Miku as Miku can only let out cries. “Don’t worry, we have all the time in the world to play. No one is gonna find us here. We can stay here and enjoy our sister fun forever,” as Yaotsoba proceeds to have her way with Miku, as the others simply are forced to endure the torture and pleasure.

Story by Erica Love
Artwork by ​Josè

High resolution (3300x5100)

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