Milk of Masochism – Mallory’s Milk Farm

Bondage Fan and Expansion Fan are teaming up to bring you an a-moo-sing and sexy tail of lactic proportions! When Vicky breaks into Mallory’s Milk Farm, she expects she’ll be liberating some of the captive women being milked for all they’re worth – but she hasn’t herd the real story! These hucows are here of their own free will… and the company owner is prepared to offer Vicky a taste of life on the farm! Will she answer the cattle call?

Synopsis: Vicky is on a mission to infiltrate the infamous “Mallory’s Milk Farm” and free the lactating women inside, but she’s shocked to discover that they’re giving their milk willingly! Even more alarming is how enticing the idea suddenly becomes to Vicky…

Written By: Blue

Artwork By: Bokuman

Tags: bondage, BDSM, pleasure, corruption, domination, female dominant, exhibitionism, gag, blindfolds, latex mask, catsuit, dildo, lactation, breast pumps, breast expansion, growth, huge breasts, cow woman, cow women, bovine, transformation, science

Pages: 15 + 1 cover

Issue Release Date: March 26th, 2024

Issue Link: Mallory’s Milk Farm

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