Who You Gonna Thrall? – Thug-Buster

A sexy crimefighter known as Thug-Buster dishes out beatings to criminals for an adoring online audience, but one wrong move against a major-league villain sees the masked heroine in a whole new kind of peril – and it’s all live on camera!

Synopsis: Evil can’t get a break with Thug-Buster on the prowl, but the vigilante vixen might have just met her match in the deadly dominatrix known as Risqué…

Written By: Jack Leventreur

Artwork By: Octo

Tags: bondage, BDSM, chain bondage, shackles, ball gag, peril, lesbian, exhibition, humiliation, non-consensual, damsel in distress, clothes ripping, insertion, revenge bondage, superheroine

Pages: 15 + 1 cover

Issue Release Date: June 26th, 2024

Issue Link: Thug-Buster

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